This page explains how to renew CBC membership if you have renewed British Cycling membership but did not at the same time renew the £20 club membership fee.

If this is you then this is what you need to do:

1. Login to British Cycling website using your existing details.
2. Either use club finder or go to…/7240/canterbury-bicycle…

3.Click on ‘Buy Club Membership’ – at bottom of the page

4. Click on Adult – ‘Buy Membership’ (unless you are joining as second claim)

5. Confirm details are correct
6. Click ‘Proceed to Payment’
If you are renewing, you will see an existing membership number under club subscriptions.
7. Update Billing address for card, and card details, click ‘Submit payment’

Check / Update your email address and email settings
Take this opportunity to check your email address is correct and you have checked preferences on what emails you get from British Cycling – the default is quite a lot!
8. Go to About me – Settings
Below are suggested settings that don’t overload your inbox with cycling offers and news.