Cycling with a club is a fun way of meeting others and cycling together on social club rides, on local charity events, sportives or races.

Why ride in a group?
For several reasons; safety, safety and because it’s sociable. If you are new to the sport or the area, if you ride in a group you shouldn’t get lost. You’ll learn road skills and be able to chat to more experienced riders

cbc-handsignEtiquette and rules of group cycling.
When first riding in a group you may be slightly unsure as to what is going on; where you should be riding in the formation or who is in charge etc. There are a few rules to riding in a group safely and effectively. There’s also some basic etiquette you need to know. Here we explain all you need to know about group riding.



Be prepared – find out what you should take on a group ride.

Your bikes, essential spares, food and drink.


Can I use any bike?
In theory any road worthy bike is suitable. But in practice you will need a road bike to keep up on the faster rides. We sometimes have riders in the slower group on a cyclocross bike or hybrid – you just need to be fitter to ride at the same speed.

Do you cater for children?
We are unable to accept anyone under the age of 16 on our rides.  There are other local clubs that offer excellent off-road training for youngsters.

I am a complete beginner – do you teach basic riding skills?
As we ride on busy roads our club rides are not suited to beginners.  You should be a confident rider, and also reasonably fit to enjoy the ride.

I am worried I won’t keep up.
If you are very unsure of your average speed over varied terrain, there are many apps you can add to your phone (MapMyTracks or Strava) that can show you average speed for a ride.

For regular riders it is always best to start in a slower group and move up the following week.