CBC currently book rides using the webapp at https://cbc-rides.glideapp.io/, provided by MapMyTracks

This is a “webapp” and you can view it on laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This shows you:

  • Upcoming club rides on a Saturday morning – and ability to sign up
  • Upcoming rides on other days / times – and ability to sign up
  • Club routes – ability to view / download
  • Other info such as upcoming events and a club message facility

How to sign up for a club ride

  1. Go to the Upcoming Rides section (link on bottom left of the screen)
  2. On the relevant day, select the ride group by colour (ie speed)
  3. Click on your selected ride – this will show the routes which you can download
  4. Add your name under the list of “Riders” – there is currently a strict limit of 30 riders who can meet at each start point.

On the day, if more than 6 riders are present at the start (as is most likely), multiple groups will be formed. Be prepared to let the ride leader know if you’d like to ride at the “faster” end of the speed as we often have “fast yellow, fast orange or fast black rides” – as a way of allowing members to see if they can ride in a faster group.

If more than 1 group is using the same route, there will be a delay of 3 minutes between to prevent bunching on the roads out of Canterbury.

NB: during a high level of lockdown all riders must signup on the app, and not just turn up.


The CBC app version1:

A few years ago, MapMyTracks produced a club app with lists of routes and club competitions. Photo below. During lockdown MapMyTracks produced a different app designed more specifically for lockdown rides.

The  CBC app includes:

  • Upcoming/previous club rides
  • Interactive route maps with route downloads and elevation profiles
  • Live GPS tracking in conjunction with Map My Tracks
  • Training leader boards
  • Club member profiles
  • Club news
  • Ride photos
  • Social map

The app is available to download from here. The app is free to download and use. A Map My Tracks login account is only required for club members who want to include their training and club rides in the app.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out out the CBC app. 

  1. Create a Map My Tracks account. This will let you log into the CBC app.
  2. Join the CBC club on Map My Tracks. This will get you featured on the leader board.
  3. Start uploading your rides to Map My Tracks to have them included on the leader boards. 

The app works best when your rides are uploaded to Map My Tracks. If you do not use Map My Tracks then it is possible to connect the CBC app to other services.

Upload to Garmin Connect? Then login into your Map My Tracks account and connect it Garmin Connect. Once that is done, Garmin Connect will sync any rides you upload to Map My Tracks and in turn the CBC app. This will result in your CBC profile featuring full details of individual rides and also contribute to the leader board.

Upload to Strava? Then login into the CBC app, go to your profile, tap on Settings and choose Strava as the training source. Once that is done, all your new rides will contribute to the leader board but you will not see a list of rides in your profile. If you want that, choose Map My Tracks as your training source.