If it is your first time riding with the club, make yourself known to one of the people organising the ride so that you can be looked after.

The main weekly club rides are on a Saturday morning.

The club also runs ad-hoc mid-week rides either day time or evening, organises special clubs rides (such as the annual day trip to France), and rides in groups on charity rides or sportives.

Saturday Morning Club Rides

From June 27 2020 routes will change. Please look out for emails, updates to this page, and the club’s facebook page. CBC rider’s forum on facebook.

Please view and/or download the pdf of routes. You can go to the ride’s page on MapMyTracks.

Want the routes on your mobile?
Download the official CBC app, powered by Map My Tracks, to get all the upcoming rides on your mobile.

There is a choice of 3 routes of different length, ridden at different speeds with the aim of all arriving back within 2.5 – 3 hours. Please choose your ride according to your ability and if in doubt select the slower ride. The quoted “average speeds” includes stops – see our club rules page for more detail on ride speeds. When numbers are high we run several rides on each route to ensure ride groups are not too big. Normally we set off in order: Fast black, chatty black, orange (one or more groups), yellow (one or more groups). The yellow group might pull in to eat/drink snacks but other groups tend to eat /drink on the move. You should have energy food and drink with you. When we get back to the Millers, we have some club locks that can be used to secure bikes to the railings (loch-side please, not blocking the pavement). Most riders stop for a coffee or drink, and you can order a bacon roll.

This website has a routes page with links to the rides on the club app, plus information on their length and amount of climbing. The club currently uses 14 different routes  – so plenty of variety of riding.

Choose your Group

We are fortunate to have several different groups, classed by average speed (not distance). Each group aims to go at the pace of the slowest rider for the majority of the time, the exception being hill climbs where we climb at our own pace and re-group at the top. If in doubt when selecting your group, please select the slower, shorter ride. the aim is for all groups to arrive back at the Millers at a similar time. Rides set off from the Millers in speed order, starting with the fastest groups.

Our “Black” groups are suitable as a recovery ride for racers and those who can and want to average over 16mpg (25.5 km/h) over 2-3 hours. Our “Orange” groups are for those who can and want to average over 14mph (22.5 km/h) over 2-3 hours. Our “Yellow” groups will average over 12mph (19.2km/h) over 2-3 hours.

When there is a large turnout, we often run several rides of any “colour”, and we sometimes subdivide according to speed.  So a “faster orange” might try riding at near-black pace.

Your Bike

Our rides are designed for road bikes – riding anything else you will struggle to keep up unless super fit.

It is imperative that your bike is road legal and well serviced with efficient brakes and tyres. If something fails you will endanger the safety of the whole group.

Please carry the following with you: a pump, essential tools, spare tubes, food for three to four hours and don’t forget to take more water/energy drink than you think you’ll need (most people carry at least 2 x 500ml and some 2 x 750 ml even in the winter).

Make sure that your tyre pressures are correct as you can waste a lot of energy and effort fighting a low tyre. If you are unsure go to your nearest bicycle shop and get them to check but as a rule of thumb modern road bike wheels and tyres will run happily and efficiently at 100psi or if you squeeze the tyre you should get very little or no top to bottom movement. Invest in a track pump for home and renew your tyres on a regular basis.

In Winter with wet roads and rain, rear mudguards are strongly advised as they reduce spray on the riders behind



You may not want to wear one but there will always be people around you who are uneasy and nervous about riding with someone that would want to take this unnecessary risk. It is their ride too.

A mobile phone is helpful and it’s worth taking the numbers of other people on the ride in case of an emergency. Also consider taking some ID, plus money for a coffee stop or train fare home.


You shouldn’t need a map, but take one if you need some added reassurance, or if you are unfamiliar with the main routes that we cover. If you have a Garmin or similar or if you use MapMy Tracks or Strava you can download the routes from the routes page.

Always bring a sense of humour. Things rarely go to plan, but that is one of the joys of these training rides.

The CBC rides are Group Rides – have a read about Group Riding Techniques

Summary Table of Rides – distances in km

Route name Black Orange Yellow
Ashford loop 75 58 47
Betteshanger 67 56 53
Coldred 75 64 50
Dover 72 66 44
Faversham 71 64 50
Lyminge 71 61 47
Romney Marsh 75 63 43
Sandwich 75 63 50
Seasalter 69 56 45
Sittingbourne 76 62 48
Thanet 75 61 53
White Hill 68 55 49

 The table below also includes height gained according to MapMyTracks.

Summary Table of Rides – distances in km (height in m)

Route name Black Orange Yellow
Ashford loop 75 (605) 58 (536) 47 (476)
Betteshanger 67 (310) 56 (279) 53 (221)
Coldred 75 (488) 64 (476) 50 (402)
Dover 72 (635) 66 (495) 44 (339)
Faversham 71 (562) 64 (500) 50 (379)
Lyminge 71 (554) 61 (476) 47 (349)
Romney Marsh 75 (546) 63 (486) 43 (356)
Sandwich 75 (497) 63 (352) 50 (247)
Seasalter 69 (587) 56 (423) 45 (330)
Sittingbourne 76 (626) 62 (496) 48 (419)
Thanet 75 (337) 61 (284) 53 (245)
White Hill 68 (533) 55 (513) 49 (503)