Riding Rules from 19th July 2021

Rides will assemble from 3 start points at 8:50am for 9am roll out.  The locations are:

  • Yellow rides (steady pace, av 12-14mph) – outside the Millers Arms pub
  • Orange rides (intermediate, av 14-16mph) – in the Millers Field carpark on the causeway
  • Black rides (faster, over av of 16mph) – in St Radigunds carpark.

Route lengths are based on group speed, and all rides should take between 2 – 3 hours.

The av speed is based on hilly routes. If you are unsure of your fitness please start with a slower group.

Beforehand please register on the rides using the webapp (https://cbc-rides.glideapp.io/) provided by MapMyTracks .

  1. The ride-leaders will determine groups (including group size) and routes on the day.
  2. The club “maximum” number per ride is currently set at 10 riders/group  – but many ride-leaders have a maximum of 6 or 8 to reduce any obstructions to vehicles.
  3. There are 2 suggested routes each week, chosen to ensure groups exit Canterbury on different roads. Other routes might be used – but using the same way(s) out.
  4. If you arrive early for a drink at the Millers, please respect whatever rules the Millers has in place in terms of masks/social distancing, and move to the allocated start points in good time.
  5. CBC rides are social rides, so a sense of humour and making others welcome is essential!


Happy and safe riding!

CBC Routes

These are grouped into different length rides. The colour of the route indicates the approximate average speed required to be back within 3 hours (2.5 hours cycling). Yellow 12-14 mph – about 30 miles, Orange 14-16 mph – about 40 miles and Black 16-18 mph – about 45 miles. On Saturdays rides set out on one or more of these routes according to preference, weather etc. Speeds will vary according to elevation, wind direction, and how much porridge you had for breakfast.

Download the official CBC app, powered by Map My Tracks, to have easy access to routes

For those who want to see the full range of routes and download latest versions of these, you can see these on MapMyTracks below. The northern and southern routes are grouped together.


CBC Yellow Routes (Northern) – Follow it live! Powered by Map My Tracks

CBC Yellow Routes (Southern)



CBC Orange Routes (Northern) – Follow it live! Powered by Map My Tracks

CBC Orange Routes (Southern)



CBC Black Routes (Northern) – Follow it live! Powered by Map My Tracks

CBC Black Routes (Southern)



Non-drop rides and group rides

CBC Yellow and Orange rides are “group rides” with everyone riding together as a group, with the exception of hill climbs. So no one should be left riding on their own to catch up. Stronger riders will spend longer riding at the front of the group.

CBC Black rides are “non-drop rides” with the group waiting at road junctions for anyone who has dropped off the pace.



CBC rider’s forum on facebook.