We can now officially resume club rides on Saturday 27 June 2020, albeit with restrictions. Changes will be announced to reflect the government’s and British Cycling’s instructions.

The big changes are:

  1. We are not (for now) starting outside The Millers. Each ride will start (and end) at a different place in or around the Canterbury area
  2. Maximum of 6 riders per ride – no exceptions
  3. Riders must “sign up” for a ride ahead of time. You do this by adding your name to a specific ride
  4. We are taking the opportunity to add more variety of rides in terms of length – so there may be some much longer rides advertised. Check the distance advertised.

The link to these rides is emailed to signed up members – if you have not received this check your membership is up to date.

At the very bottom of the above signup page, the “tab” on the spreadsheet shows the date of the rides. There will be a different set of rides listed each week. There is also a tab that shows the current “CBC Routes” which many of the rides will follow.

If and when ride spaces fill up we may add more rides – and if this is the case let Nick, a ride leader or a member of the committee know.

Happy and safe riding!

CBC rider’s forum on facebook.

Please view and/or download the pdf of routes. You can go to the ride’s page on MapMyTracks.

Want the routes on your mobile?
Download the official CBC app, powered by Map My Tracks, to get all the upcoming rides on your mobile.

CBC Rides 

There are three routes of different lengths. The colour of the route indicates the approximate average speed required to be back within 3 hours (2.5 hours cycling). Yellow 12-14 mph, Orange 14-16 mph and Black 16-18 mph. On Saturdays rides set out on one or more of these routes according to preference, weather etc. Speeds will vary according to elevation, wind direction, and how much porridge you had for breakfast.

Please select a ride that is within your riding ability – and if not sure choose the slower one.

Non-drop rides and group rides

CBC Yellow and Orange rides are “group rides” with everyone riding together as a group, with the exception of hill climbs. So no-one should be left riding on their own to catch up. Stronger riders will spend longer riding at the front of the group.

CBC Black rides are “non-drop rides” with the group waiting at road junctions for anyone who has dropped off the pace.