A wide choice of CBC Club Kit can be ordered online about 2-3 times per year over a period of 2-3 weeks.  This is the best place to stock up on specific kit such as winter jackets.

SHOP (when open) is accessed from  –

There is also a limited range of stock in the CBC Kit Bank. Updated 17 April 2018


Short sleeve club jersey

Mens                             XL                       1                 £39

L                          3

M                         6

S                          1

Ladies                           M                         2

S                          1


Short sleeve pro fit jersey


Ladies                           L                          1                 £47

S                          1


Mens                             XL                       2                 £47

L                          3

M                         3

S                          2

Ladies                           Large                   1

Small                   1


Gilet with pockets       M                         1


Bib shorts                    XXL                    1                 £52

L                          2

S                          1

XS                       1


Arm warmers              L                          2                 £18.00

M                         2

S                          2

Leg warmers               XL                       1                 £25.00

L                          1

M                         1

S                          1


4” and 6” black and white

L, M, S                                                         £8


Gloves (intermediary)   M                         1

Shoe covers                  M                         1

Caps                                   9                 £12


In terms of sizing, the race-fit is proper form-fit (it is supposed to be very tight), and the best thing to do is ask/see others who have the kit if you want to check out size first…

Velo Champion Website has the following sizing charts :  note that “waist” means “hips” – significant  for the ladies.

The kit looks great and we hope all new members can get the kit they want!