CBC uses Champion Systems for their kit – with a huge range of styles and prices available.

The kit is excellent – very good quality, with a huge range – over 10 styles of bib shorts, over 10 styles of jerseys and even more variety of jackets.  Wide range of sizes and specific ladies styles.

Ordering can be confusing.  Below is a step by step guide. You need to be a club member.

There are 3 stages to this:

  1. Deciding WHAT to buy (main website is best for this)
  2. Checking what size you need for each item
  3. Place your order on the club store


The CBC team store website is at https://eucustom.champ-sys.com/teamstore/?CBCSept19


NOTE: The easiest way to order kit is to first browse the main Champion Systems website and decide what you want, and afterwards to go to the CBC Team store and order the items.  So NOT click on “Customise Your Outfit” – this is for setting up new designs and not for existing club kit.

1. Decide what to purchase

Go to website at https://champsys.uk/pages/custom-cycling

This shows you the full collection of cycling kit arranged by both “Apex/Performance/Tech” and by garment type. All 3 “collections” are high quality. There is a big difference in fit. The “tech” is expected to be a close fit (not baggy). Moving to the “performance” and then “apex” the fit is designed to be skin-tight on slim cyclists. Most of CBC are wearing the Tech Pro range of kit for jerseys and bib-shorts, and a range of options for jackets. When choosing jerseys you also choose between “club” and “race” cut and men/women cut. Race cut is thinner.

If (say) you are interested in the tech collection this pages gives a quick range of products, and looks like:


If you click on Jerseys you get a page like:

This quickly shows prices. Clicking on each jersey will give you the specific details of fabric and features such as zip, pockets etc. This also advises that most jerseys are available in a long option for extra £50

Click on the “Jersey Product Advisor link”  to see differences between the ranges.


The Tech bib shorts are the most popular. They have option of longer leg length when ordering, as well as choice of chamois.

Many club members wear non-club black bib tights in winter, as these match the kit well, although you can order CBC ones here.

Jackets and Gilets

There jackets and gilets to suit all conditions and wallets. Reda info carefully – some are wind resistant, others waterprooof. Generally advised to order a size up if worn over another jersey.


Also available are a range of leg and arm warmers, caps and socks.

2. Check Size

Once you have decided which items you wish to purchase, check the sizing guide. This is accessed here – https://champsys.uk/pages/cycling-sizing-guide Please use this as sizing is different to shop sizes, and also varies hugely between mens and womens cut.

You should now have a list of items you wish to order (exact name) and the size and cut.

3 Order from Club Store

The CBC team store website is at https://eucustom.champ-sys.com/teamstore/?CBCSept19

For each item you wish to order:

  • Click on the type of item (eg jerseys)
  • Click on the actual product (eg Tech Pro Jersey)
  • Select your Cut
  • Select any other options if offered (eg sleeve style)
  • Enter sizes and quantities
  • Click Add to Cart

When happy., Review your Order, then goto Checkout.

  • Shipping. You will not be allowed to edit the “shipping address” as all CBC items will be sent to one address. Click Next
  • Billing. Add your billing address (for credit card). Click Next
  • Click Process Payment. You will then be asked for credit card details.



Any trouble ordering, we have dedicated support from Champion Systems who you can ring (Business hours I think) – details on the email sent to all members.