CBC uses Champion Systems for their kit – with a huge range of styles and prices available.

The kit is excellent – very good quality, with a huge range – over 10 styles of bib shorts, over 10 styles of jerseys and even more variety of jackets.  Wide range of sizes and specific ladies styles.

Ordering can be confusing.  Below is a step by step guide. You need to be a club member.

There are 3 stages to this:

  1. Logging in to the team store
  2. Deciding WHAT to buy (main website is best for this)
  3. Adding items to cart and ordering them


The kit website is at http://champ-sys.co.uk/

1. Logging In

You can login from link on the menu.

On the next page you have 3 choices – if you have been given the club username and password and it your first order, you need to click on “I am a CS Direct Member”. If you have ordered before you click on “I am a returning customer”.

First time


Fill in the club username and password for ‘Access to Team Store’.

Username: canterbury
Password: canterburykit


You will then be asked to setup an account of your own, under the team account. This give you access to all the custom CBC designs.

Fill in your name, your email address and a password of your choice to create a new account.


Returning customers 

You need to select the ‘returning customer’ option.


Then fill in your username (email address) and password that you setup last time. If you have forgotten, use Forgot your password with your usual email address.


Logged In

Once logged in you arrive at a page similar to below where you can start ordering kit.


To order kit you need to:

  • Decide what kit you want
  • Decide what colours you want it in, and go through the steps of making the order.

To decide on the actual kit, the account part of the website is not the best place to be.

2. Decide What to Buy

Review and Choose Products (and easily see prices)

It is most helpful now to go to page http://champ-sys.co.uk/ in a new browser window.

Select Our Sports -> Cycling.

You can then click on one of the sections to view a wide selection of products WITH PRICES.  This is also where you can see the difference between the 21 types of jersey, 12 types of jacket/gilet, 8 types of bottoms and other kit. Prices range from £47 for a basic jersey to over £200 for and all-singing all-dancing PRO winter jacket.


Use this section of the website to decide which products to order. Do not order here.


3. Order your products

Then go back to the other window where you are logged in (or login again)

Start your Order


On the left menu, expand the relevant sections and select the one(s) you are interested in.

Under Cycling there are Tops and Bottoms
Under Accessories, there are caps, arm and leg warmers, shoe covers and socks.


As an example, below is cycling shorts and bib shorts. You need to select the one you want. Be careful to get the exact make, based on looking on the main website.


After you have selected the product you are asked to select the design. For bib shorts there is only one (the club colours)  – so select the latest revision.


Next you may get asked to select options such as size, and other extras. Then you need to add how many you want for each size. Then “add to cart”.


Next you can progress the order or add more items.


Jerseys and Jackets


These are available in two different colour options – the club colours and flouro. You can select any style of jersey and any style of jacket and have these either bright yellow or in black.


Other Items

Below shows many of the other items we have design for already. If there is anything else on the main shop you want, designs can be added (eg kit bags).



When you have enough in the basket, click checkout either from dashboard or from My Cart button.




Then go through the checkout, paying when required.