A fun club points competition.  See rules below

New for 2016: ALL ATTEMPTS MUST BE UPLOADED TO STRAVA BY 6PM, last day of the month.

Overall Standings after 2 months – only top 10 shown here – see Facebook for full list.


July 2016 SOM Competition (2 segments)

Here are the segments for July SOM competition:

1. Seasalter Dash – 2.6miles, 0% average grade

2. A return for one of last years favourites – ‘ Penny Pot Lane’ 1.6 miles, 4% average grade. A chance to measure improvements from last year!

All attempts to be uploaded by 6pm, Sunday 31 July.

Rules of the Strava Segment of the Month (SOTM)

A Strava segment/segments is chosen at the beginning of the month and could be either a hill section, a sprint, a flat TT style section, or if deemed safe enough, a downhill section.

You can attempt the segment as many times as you like within the month.

All rider times are taken from the Canterbury Bicycle Club Strava group so please ensure you have joined this.

At the end of the month, points will be awarded for the top 15 places, with 15 points for 1st place, 14 points for 2nd, 13 points for 3rd etc.

A league will develop and eventually, if we get enough interest there will be a split into division 1 and 2 and a ladies league. The competition will run April through October.

To take part in segment of the month you will need to be a paid up CBC member and able to run Strava from a device (mobile, garmin etc). Your attempts must be uploaded to Strava website and you must have joined the Canterbury Bicycle Club Strava group – If it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen!


Best of luck!

Disclaimer: This is not a CBC supervised race/event, and is merely a fun external competition. However, participation may attract inherent risks and dangers including personal injury and damage to personal or others’ property. Participants in this competition must accept these risks and take full responsibility for their health and actions during any related activity. In this regard we recommend all cyclists insure themselves against personal liability and personal injury through British Cycling or other insurer specialising in insurance cover for cyclists. And don’t forget, CBC membership entitles you to discounts including up to £21 off BC silver or gold membership (which in turn gives you personal liability insurance), 10% off at Halfords, Chain Reaction Cycles and Bike Tart.

Historical Results for 2015

Here’s the October SOM results and the overall final placings.

Well done to everyone, and congratulations to overall winner Piers Hazelgrove.

There will be a prize giving for the winner, at our February AGM.

October SOM Results (3)

August SOM Competition

The segments for August SOM comp are as follows:

1. Wye Hill – the climb. 1.3mile, 6% average grade

2. blast through wingmore. 1.8mile, 0% average grade

Latest results on the facebook CBC riders forum,

July SOTM competition

The segments for July SOTM comp were as follows:

1. Adisham Downs – 1.8 mile, 0% average grade

2. Petham Drag – 1.3 mile, 4% average grade

The segments for June SOTM competition were as follows:

1. Penny Pot Lane, Chartham – 1.6 miles length with 4% average grade

2. Rheims Way – London Road to St Stephens – 0.4 mile length with -2% average grade.

May SOTM Results