A fun club points competition.

It’s arrived!! After a lot of hard work from Nick Tatt and the guys over at Map My Tracks, the Segment of the Month competition has officially gone live and is ready to roll for the start of this years competition on 1st May and the first two segments have been revealed!!

Some of you have already found the Segment of the Month on the app but for those who haven’t, it can be found either by clicking the big banner on the home page of the app or by clicking the 3 dots on the top right and selecting segment of the Month from the menu (if neither appear on your app make sure it’s been refreshed by dragging down on the home page which will refresh the app with the latest updates, we recommend you do this regularly)

SoM Rules are as follows (these can also be found on the SoM section of the CBC app)

The segment of the month competition will run from 1st May to October 31st. To participate in the clubs segment of the month competition have your training source in the CBC app set to Map My Tracks and upload your rides to Map My Tracks as public.

Two segments will be announced at the beginning of each month, one of which will be classified a hill climb and one classified as a sprint segment. Riders have until the end of that month to set a time and upload it to Map My Tracks, and you may attempt it as many times as they wish. Your fastest attempt thy month will be used.


One league to bind them all! This year we will be running with one single league.

Scoring system:
Points will be awarded as follows,

1st place : 15 points
2nd place : 10 points
3rd place : 9 points
4th place : 8 points
5th place : 7 points
6th place : 6 points
7th place : 5 points
8th place : 4 points
9th place : 3 points
10th place : 2 points
All other places : 1 point

Riders will be awarded an additional 5 points to their GC standings if they have attempted both segments that month regardless of times set

Token prizes will be awarded at the end of the season to the GC – General Classification Winner (person with the most points) the winner of the Hill Climb classification (person with most points on the hill climb segments) and to the winner of the Sprint classification (person with the most points in the sprint segments)

Although all effort has been made to ensure all segments chosen are as safe as possible (avoiding busy junctions etc.) It is ultimately the responsibility of the rider to ensure they abide by the Highway Code at all times and never put themselves or anyone else in danger.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any regarding using and uploading your rides to Map my Tracks or linking your Map my Tracks and the CBC app and either myself, Ciaran O’Malley or Nick Tatt will do our best to help…. Nick Tatt has previously posted on how to link all these accounts so please also see those posts.

I have attached some screenshots of the app but please do find it and explore it yourselves, it’s quite easy to follow but again any questions as to how it works can be asked here.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy your new Segment of the Month