Riding is most enjoyable when you are not struggling to keep up or feeling you are holding everyone else back.

So you should select a ride based on speed and not length. And if unsure start with the slower, shorter route.

The groups were designed to enable all to meet back at The Millers at a similar time – after about 2,5 hours of cycling.

CBC group ride speeds as follows:

  1. Black – a racer pace (over 16 mph average). Experienced cyclists. This is fast.
  2. Orange – a “steady” pace (14-16 mph average).
  3. Yellow – at 12-14mph average speed for the ride. This is still a reasonable pace, not a “beginners ride”.  Most fit adults can ride at this pace after a few weeks training.

When numbers are high we sometimes have a “fast orange” group  – or similar variations. Or different lengths.

Average Speed for the ride

This includes all slowing down and stopping at junctions and a selection of hills. It is very different from “speed along the flat”.

It is easy to measure with a fitness app such as MapMyTracks or Strava. If you don’t know your average speed, the Yellow Group is probably best.

  • Over 16mph average speed equates to being able to ride at over 25mph on the flat
  • About 14-16mph average equates to riding at about 20-25mph on the flat
  • About 12-14mph average equates to riding at about  16-20mph on the flat


Group Riding

We ride as a group, stronger riders taking turns on the front.

On hills we climb at our own pace, waiting at the top.

These are non drop rides, so we go at the pace of the slowest rider in the group.

  • For Yellow and Orange group rides we ride as a group (except on hill climbs) ensuring no one gets left to ride on their own. Strongest riders take longer turns on the front.
  • For Black rides the “non drop” policy means we wait at junctions for anyone who has fallen off the pace to catch up.